Release Notes

19.9.10 (2019 September 10)

  • Resolved manual download issue with AmdPack thanks to Manel Rodero

  • Resolved issue with duplicate Intel Display Drivers

TODO: I plan on working on automatically removing superseded Drivers, but until I get that sorted out, you will need to keep an eye out and delete what is no longer needed. Intel DCH Display Drivers for Windows 10 x64 change frequently so keep an eye on this

19.9.4 (2019 September 4) HP and AmdPack Edition released to add a solution to download AmdPack Drivers

Lots of new stuff in this release. I'll have to update the documentation to match the changed functions

  • Save-DellModelPack has been renamed to Save-OSDModelPack to support both Dell and HP

  • Save-DellMultiPack has been renamed to Save-OSDMultiPack to support both Dell and HP

  • Update-DellMultiPack has been renamed to Update-OSDMultiPack to support both Dell and HP

  • Show-WmiQueryDellModel has been renamed because the old name sucked. It is now Show-OSDWmiQuery to support both Dell and HP, and to include SystemSku (Dell) or Product (HP)

  • Save-IntelPack has been renamed to Save-OSDIntelPack, because ... because ... because it didn't want to be left out of the Function rename-o-rama

  • Save-NvidiaPack has been renamed to Save-OSDDriverPack to include AmdPack

Due to the numerous function changes, lots of documentation will have to be updated. Please give me some time to make the changes. If this is an issue ... then please consider donating some of your time to helping me out

19.8.19 (2019 August 29) HASMUG Release

Thanks @HASMUG for the invitation to present at today's event ... and Happy 7th Birthday to my boy Max!

19.8.27 (2019 August 27) Release BETA

NvidiaPack is complete with Drivers for Windows 10 (x86 and x64) and Windows 7 (x86 and x64)

19.8.26 (2019 August 26) Release BETA

Added Update-DellMultiPack and Save-NvidiaPack

19.8.19 (2019 August 19) Release BETA

Packages and previous Deploy-OSDDrivers scripts should be replaced with this version as they may not be compatible

I finally have things where I want them ... things are getting finalized. Now more work on Documentation. The following link will get you going with MDT. CM instructions are being worked on

19.8.15 (2019 August 15) BETA

My Birthday Update. All OSDDrivers content has been moved to a subdomain. Module has been updated to reflect the new URLs

More changes to Nvidia Grouping

19.8.13 (2019 August 13) BETA

Still working on some Nvidia changes ... almost done

19.8.12 (2019 August 12) BETA

Still refining. Added a function to generate a WMI Query for Dell Models

19.8.11 (2019 August 11) BETA

Some Function renames and added Dell Family Packs for Download

19.8.6 (2019 August 6) BETA

Releasing to PowerShell Gallery for BETA testing

If you downloaded a preview version from GitHub, make sure you delete all your .drvpack files and regenerate new ones. Deployment Scripts will need to be regenerated (this is automatic). Please let me know your results so I can decide if I want to keep this up or expand it to other Manufacturers.