ConfigMgr Package

The steps below are what is needed to create a ConfigMgr OSDDriver Package

Create a Package

I want to create an Intel Display Package for deployment. In this case I start with an IntelDisplay directory which contains my Drivers and the Deploy Scripts

Create Package and Program Wizard

I'll start by creating a Package with source files

Then create a Standard program

For the Command line I can press Browse and select Deploy-OSDDrivers.ps1

For now I'll also make sure the following are set for now

  • Program can run: Whether or not a user is logged on

  • Allow users to view and interact with the program installation

It's important to allow this program to run on any platform in the case of upgrades, and yes, this Package is only 548MB for all my Intel Display Drivers

Edit Deploy-OSDDrivers.ps1

I want to be able to see the progress, so I'll edit the Deploy-OSDDrivers.ps1 and enable the Start-Sleep line at the end of my script

Package Properties

I'll make a few more changes to my Package

  • Persist content in the client cache

  • Enable binary differential replication

Distribute Content Wizard

I'll then distribute my content to some Distribution Points and make sure the content is updated. Now I wait

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