MDT - Microsoft Deployment

I support Windows 7 (x86 and x64) and Windows 10 x64. I've very recently been asked to support Windows 10 x86 (to upgrade our Windows 7 x86 clients). We have "reasons" for being on Windows 7 and x86 ... let's just leave it at that

If you give me any grief about Windows 7 ... or 32-Bit ... I will not hesitate to block you on Twitter. You have been warned

Get Started

By this point, I have all the Drivers that I need for MDT. To get started, I need to get them copied into my MDT environment.

I start by copying the Deploy scripts and the Packages that I need from OSDDrivers

And simply add them to a directory in MDT that will be included in my Selection Profile. I strongly recommend keeping the Package directory structure intact so future Driver updates can be easy added. The cool thing is that I don't have anything in Out-of-box-Drivers, and 15.3GB in OSDDrivers that will support all my deployments

Driver Breakdown

Keep in mind that I started with 264 GB of expanded Drivers, so downsizing to 15.3 GB is quite an accomplishment




DellMultiPack 6.1 x64 MDT


2.93 GB

DellMultiPack 6.1 x86 MDT


1.64 GB

DellMultiPack 10.0 x64 MDT


2.17 GB

DellMultiPack 10.0 x86 MDT


409 MB

IntelPack 10.0 x64

4 Drivers

570 MB

IntelPack 10.0 x86

3 Drivers

154 MB

IntelPack MDT

10 Drivers

769 MB

NvidiaPack 6.1 x64

6 Drivers

2.22 GB

NvidiaPack 6.1 x86

4 Drivers

1.01 GB

NvidiaPack 10.0 x64

6 Drivers

2.42 GB

NvidiaPack 10.0 x86

4 Drivers

1.06 GB

Key Points

Keep in mind the following Key Points

  • I did not include Audio Drivers in my Dell MultiPacks because I will be using Windows 10 Inbox Drivers instead

  • Intel Video Drivers are replaced by IntelPack

  • Nvidia Video Drivers are replaced by NvidiaPack

  • I do not have AMD Drivers in my environment

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