DellMultiPack (Size Comparison)

So let's take a look at the breakdown of the DellMultiPack that was created. The Expanded Drivers total 176 GB, but when converted to a Dell MultiPack, its only 14% of the original size. The only thing that has been removed at this point is any x86 Drivers that were part of the Dell Model Packs

Dell Model Packs (89 Total)


Expanded Model Packs

176 GB

Dell MultiPack (Full x64)

25.6 GB

MultiPack Breakdown

Now a closer look at the Dell MultiPack shows how the 25.6 GB is broken down

Dell MultiPack (89 Model Packs)

Driver Count


Audio Drivers


4.21 GB

AMD Video


5.14 GB

Intel Video


5.99 GB

Nvidia Video


8.24 GB

Everything Else


2.02 GB

I'll remind you again that the Audio Drivers are not needed, and you can replace the Intel Video Drivers with a 551 MB IntelPack

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