Before working on creating CM Packages, its important to understand Update-DellMultiPack

In the following example, my WorkspacePath is D:\OSDDrivers and I have 4 Dell MultiPacks in my Packages directory

I'll use the following command (WorkspacePath is mandatory)

Update-DellMultiPack -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers

Unfortunately I am stopped dead in my tracks because I didn't use any parameters to remove Drivers

To resolve this, I can either use the -Force parameter

Update-DellMultiPack -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -Force

Or I can use my Remove parameters (recommended)

Update-DellMultiPack -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -RemoveAmdVideo -RemoveAudio -RemoveIntelVideo -RemoveNvidiaVideo

This gives me a GridView return of the Dell MultiPacks that are in my packages directory. I can simply select 1 or more Dell MultiPacks and press OK

After a few minutes (or seconds if nothing needs an update) everything will be complete

Superseded Dell Model Packs

If you sort the contents of an updated DellMultiPack, you will see some files with an older Date Modified Timestamp. These are Superseded updates that can be removed

I'll add some logic to remove these in a later release, but for now, just delete these files, or leave them, it doesn't really matter too much

Superseded Driver Cabs

Yes when Dell Model Packs are Superseded, you will end up with some orphan files. I'll address these in a later release

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