Intel Video - Tests

The Problem

Why deploy Intel Video Card Drivers in every Driver Pack (when you don't have to)?

So you just downloaded Intel Video Drivers on the last page, and you remember that there were only 3, right? Let's see how far these 3 Drivers will go

Collect Video HardwareID's

To find out how many Intel Video Cards I have in my Enterprise, I had to extend my Hardware Inventory to collect the HardwareID's for all Display adapters. I then filtered this list to just Intel. These numbers represent all Windows 10 and Windows 7 devices in my environment

Evaluate an Intel Video OSDDriver

So this PowerShell script I wrote allows me to select one of my OSDDriver packaged Intel Display Drivers to determine the results in my environment. In this example I select the latest DCH Intel Driver

After a few seconds of crunching, I can see that this Driver will work on over 20,000 computers in my Enterprise

Evaluate 3 Intel Video OSDDrivers

So I had some good results with the latest Driver, what about the other 2 Windows 10 drivers? I simply repeat the PowerShell script and select all three Intel Video OSDDrivers. The results? Of 31,554 Intel Display Adapters in my Enterprise, all but 2,297 of them are supported by these three drivers.

These remaining devices do not have Windows 10 drivers, but it may be possible to use some of the Windows 8.1 drivers if necessary. Running a quick test with all the Drivers shows the following results

I can see that the 15.45 and the 15.36 Drivers do nothing, only the 15.28 and 15.22 will reduce my total to 1028 remaining devices

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