Create a Generation Pack

Ideally, you should group Driver Packs by the Model Generation as they contain more matching Drivers. In this example I am going to add all the Dell Systems Generation X10. This will be a combination of 26 Computer Models (Latitude, Optiplex, Precision Mobile, and Precision Workstation)
I'll use the following Command to create my MultiPack, at the same time removing Audio as well as AMD and Nvidia Video Drivers (I push those out separately)
Save-DellMultiPack -AppendName "X10" -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -Generation X10 -RemoveIntelVideo -RemoveAudio
This is a snippet of the process

Size Comparison

Now another size comparison of the 26 Dell Models combined. Removing the Audio and Intel Video Drivers saves a considerable amount of space
If you have a method to deploy Nvidia and AMD Video Drivers separately, these drivers will consume less than 600MB of space!
Dell X10 Generation
Total Size
24.7 GB
65.6 GB
MultiPack (No Audio or Intel Video)
3.59 GB
MultiPack (No Audio or AMD/Intel/Nvidia Video)
591 MB