AmdPack Download

AMD doesn't allow hot-linking of their Drivers, so it is not possible to fully automate the Download of the AmdPack Drivers

PowerShell Command Line

To download AmdPack using OSDDrivers, use the following command

Save-OSDDriverPack -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -DriverPack AmdPack

The WorkspacePath is where you will Download, Expand, and Package all your OSDDrivers


After entering the command, you will need select the AmdPack Drivers for you to download. You must select and download both the Enterprise and the Adrenalin Drivers to fully support your Enterprise

Since OSDDrivers cannot Hot-Link the Driver you need to download, follow the instructions on the screen to manually download the AMD Driver to the proper location (3 steps)

Press Enter to continue. 7-Zip will expand the AMD Driver to the proper location and then generate an inventory of the HardwareId's that are supported by the Driver

You will need to repeat the process for the second AMD Driver download (manually downloading the file as instructed). Everything should be complete

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