How I Roll

I really tried to document the different things that you can do with OSDDrivers, but wow, there are so many different paths that I can take, so I've decided to take a different approach. For starters, I don't have much time ... between my Family, my real job, and everything I do on, I can't fully commit to this Project

So I'm just going to document "How I Roll" and you can just go from there

MDT vs CM OSDDriver Packages

The main difference between an MDT and a CM OSDDriver Package is how many Drivers can be combined. Since an MDT Deployment Share is just a directory structure, you can combine more Drivers. For example, for MDT I can combine all my Dell Models in a Windows 10 x64 MultiPack which is 2 GB, but this may change frequently as Dell updates some models. This is not ideal for CM.

CM OSDDriver Packages should be more focused, so in my usage, I separate Dell Models by Generations into MultiPacks. This keeps each Generation MultiPack between 150 MB - 400 MB. Some older Dell Generations don't get updated anymore, so these older Generations can go on without being updated and you can just focus on the newer Generations

The next several pages will detail how I create my OSDDriver Packages for MDT and CM

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