NvidiaPack 10.0 x64

7-Zip is required for expanding downloaded Nvidia Drivers and can be downloaded at https://www.7-zip.org/

The included Nvidia Drivers are the only ones you need to support all systems in your Enterprise. By default, Windows 10 x64 drivers are filtered automatically, meaning there is no need to use any additional parameters The Pack parameter will compress the Drivers into a CAB file

Manual Selection

Save-NvidiaPack -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -Pack

After entering the above command, any selected Nvidia Drivers will be downloaded and converted into CAB files and saved in the Package Path

Automatic Selection

Since you should use all the Drivers, you can also use the SkipGridView parameter to automate things

Save-NvidiaPack -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -Pack -SkipGridView


A considerable amount of time will be spent between to download, expand, generate PNP files, and create CAB files. Take a lunch

Once complete you can see now the Drivers are Normalized from the Download name to the Expand directory. This structure is very important to deployment as new names are Ordered


Its important to note that Drivers are grouped together by Major Versions (ReleaseId). Each ReleaseId can contain multiple minor versions. It is important to maintain this directory structure and format

Test Directory

Additionally there is also a directory that is created which is a mirror of the NvidiaPack, but without the CAB files. This is used for ConfigMgr, so there is no need to add this to MDT

Driver Testing

I'll release my script at a later date, time permitting

One thing that I do is I test to see if the Drivers apply to my environment. To do this I have exported an inventory of my HardwareID's into a PowerShell Object. This allow me to select Drivers to validate against my Inventory. In the GridView, my Drivers are in REVERSE ORDER, which is the order that I want them applied in

This gives me a breakdown of which of my Models will be supported by a Driver. I can easily see that I don't need 2 of the Drivers I packaged, including the Dell OEM. I'll remove these Drivers as they make up 1GB that I don't need.

I also get a list of which Drivers are not part of my Drivers. Its important to note that none of these came with the Dell computers and were ordered and installed individually. These are outside of the scope of my support

Here is the complete output

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