Create a Single Model MultiPack

I'm going to start with a single Dell model. In this example I want to pick one of the latest Dell Models, so I will set the Generation parameter to X10

Since I have also used OSDDrivers to Download and Pack my Intel Video Drivers, I'll add the RemoveIntelVideo parameter. I'll also add the RemoveAudio parameter as these are not necessary with Windows 10 (test this please). This leaves me with the following command line

Save-DellMultiPack -AppendName X10 -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -Generation X10 -RemoveAudio -RemoveIntelVideo

I'll now presented with a GridView of Dell Models where I can sort by Model and select the Latitude 5400 and press OK

Generate Driver CABs

Once I have pressed OK, each individual Driver in this Model Pack will be compressed into a CAB file. This may take a bit of time

Size Comparison

Here is a quick comparison of the different sizes throughout this process

Latitude 5400 Driver Pack

Total Size


993 MB


2.81 GB


368 MB

First Look

Here is a look at the MultiPack. It looks very similar to an expanded Dell Model Pack because it shares the same basic file structure

The main difference is that the individual Drivers are converted to CABs to reduce the size

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