MDT - DellMultiPack (MultiOS)

I already mentioned that I need the following Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 x64

  • Windows 10 x86

  • Windows 7 x64

  • Windows 7 x86

So let's go through the paces on these

DellMultiPack 10.0 x86 MDT

For Windows 10 x86, I don't need Audio Drivers or Video Drivers. I've already detailed how to get Intel Video, and the instructions on how to do Nvidia will be coming in the next few days. I'll use the following Command. Because I am dealing with x86, I have to use the OsArch parameter (since it defaults to x64)

Save-DellMultiPack -AppendName MDT -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -OsArch x86 -RemoveAudio -RemoveAmdVideo -RemoveIntelVideo -RemoveNvidiaVideo

I should be able to select all the Model Packs that I already have expanded

And after about 10 minutes, this OS is complete

DellMultiPack 6.1 x64 MDT

For Windows 7, I will need to specify an OsVersion of 6.1 using this command. For Windows 7 I also need to keep the Audio Drivers

Save-DellMultiPack -AppendName MDT -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -OsVersion 6.1 -RemoveAmdVideo -RemoveIntelVideo -RemoveNvidiaVideo

DellMultiPack 6.1 x86 MDT

Finally, Windows 7 x86, I'll be keeping the Audio Drivers and removing all Video Drivers

Save-DellMultiPack -AppendName MDT -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -OsArch x86 -OsVersion 6.1 -RemoveAmdVideo -RemoveIntelVideo -RemoveNvidiaVideo

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