IntelPack MDT

When starting with OSDDrivers, the first step is to Download and Pack the IntelDisplay and IntelWireless Drivers using Save-IntelPack

There are two required Parameters that you will need to provide. The first is AppendName which I set to MDT and the second is WorkspacePath which I set to D:\OSDDrivers. I also want to limit this to Windows 7 only so I will add the OsVersion parameter. This results in the following Command Line

Save-IntelPack -AppendName MDT -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -OsVersion 6.1 -Pack

This will bring up a GridView where I can multi-select the Drivers that I want to include. I'll make sure to deselect any Driver that is compatible with Windows 10. After making my selection, I'll press OK

This will download the IntelWireless Drivers and Package them in CAB files

These will be saved in my Workspace Packages directory. Its easy to see from the file names that I have nothing compatible with Windows 10

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