Deploy Cabs

Here is a really simple question ... Why do we download Driver Packs in a compressed CAB or ZIP, only to extract the contents to over twice the size of the original download ... and then distribute that expanded content to all the computers in our environment?

Using OSDDrivers, I can download a few Dell Model Packs using the following command
Get-DownDellModel -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers
This will display a list of available Dell Model Packs that I can select. The selected Model Packs will then get downloaded
These Model Packs are downloaded using BITS, so no using RunAS

You can also add the Expand parameter make the Cab files more usable
Get-DownDellModel -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -Expand
Here is what it looks like in the Console
In the OSDDriver Workspace the CAB files that are named in some Dell format are expanded out to something a little easier to understand, and quite a bit larger

If you check the Download directory, you will notice a Deploy-OSDDrivers script, and some drvpack files
The this script will match a computer with a downloaded Dell Model Pack without expanding the CAB

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