DellMultiPack 10.0 x64 MDT

Make sure you know the Parameters before getting started


To create a DellMultiPack for Windows 10 x64 I'll use the following Command

Save-DellMultiPack -AppendName MDT -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -RemoveAudio -RemoveIntelVideo

I select the RemoveAudio parameter since I know that Audio Drivers are not necessary for Windows 10. The RemoveIntel parameter is set because I have created an IntelPack

I simply select the Models that I want included and press OK

This will generate individual CAB files for each Driver, and leave out the Audio and Intel Video Drivers

This is what the MultiPack looks like when complete


I can run a quick test by executing the Deploy-OSDDrivers.ps1 script in the Packages directory

And validate both the IntelPack and the DellMultiPack

Adding Operating Systems

Just change your Parameters to add another Operating System. A new Package directory will be created for different OsVersion and OsArch. Do not combine different Operating Systems into the same directory

Adding Models

You can add additional Models by using the same WorkspacePath and AppendName


To be honest, I actually don't have any AMD or Nvidia Drivers in my DellMultiPacks, so I'm just going to delete the entire Video directory and run the following command to add some extra packages that may be needed in Video (that are not AMD, Intel, or Nvidia)

The following Command will take care of things

Save-DellMultiPack -AppendName MDT -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -RemoveAmdVideo -RemoveAudio -RemoveIntelVideo -RemoveNvidiaVideo

I also need to admit that I may keep some Drivers in the Audio directory that are less than 60MB

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