Remove Intel Video Drivers


Adding the Pack parameter to Get-DownDellModel will not only create a compressed CAB by default of the Dell Model Pack, but it will exclude any Intel Video Drivers by default
Get-DownDellModel -WorkspacePath D:\OSDDrivers -Pack
This can be seen in the Console during the process


Sometimes the process does not go as planned and the CAB doesn't get created
When viewing the Console Output (I'll have to add a param to show this) tells us that there is too much stuff in the CAB.
This can easily be solved manually removing the Intel Video Drivers from the Expanded Driver directory and making a ZIP
Zip files are supported just like CAB files by Deploy-OSDDrivers
But we don't want to do this method as there is some more cleanup we can do

Size Comparison (3 Driver Packs)

Here is a comparison of the successful Driver Packs without the Intel Video Drivers
Dell Model Driver Packs (3)
2.58 GB
7.59 GB
CAB (High Compression)
1.81 GB